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Swimming Pool Waterproofing Contractor

In order to water penetration due to high hydrostatic pressure, Swimming Pool Waterproofing is one of the most important steps to maintain the integrity of the structure and hold the base structure of concrete firmly in place. Moreover, due water expansion in the pores leads to occurrence of cracks,and what more, the presence of acidic groups in the water that seeps in leads to deterioration (due to corrosion) of the integral steel structure. In order to combat the aforesaid circumstances and increase the longevity, adequate Swimming Pool Waterproofing are a necessary step, and one of the most viable ways to accomplish the same is to use an additional coat/membrane above the base material.

  • Waterproofing prevents cracking of the concrete as well as as erosion of steel present at the core
  • High compressive strength of the external layer prevents water percolation
  • Cementitious materials are an ideal choice, as they bond in an excellent manner with concrete
  • For pool surfaces with contours or patterns, spraying is a better means to accomplish the task economically