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Swimming Pool Water Chemicals

Maintenance of optimal water quality is one of the most important steps in ensuring that the health of swimmers is not compromised and they remain in sound state, by eradicating harmful agents and removing the traces of harmful agents. Swimming pool water chemicals of varied broad categories are used to accomplish the formers such as sanitizers to keep the water disinfected, oxidizers to curb the growth of microorganisms and water balancers to keep the pH of pool water at requisite levels. In addition to them a number of other chemicals such as Algaecides, clarifiers and phosphate removers are used to remove the traces of harmful elements.
  • Microorganisms such as algae and bacteria can be effectively removed by using oxidizers
  • Stain removers should be used on regular intervals to wash off surface stains and scale formation
  • Addition of oil and scum breaking enzymes is essential to keep contamination and foul odor at bay
  • Chlorine neutralizers should be utilized to keep chlorine levels in check