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Staem Room

An enclosed space, usually glass walled, Steam rooms create a high temperature steam and maintain an environment that is high on humidity, where people sit for purported health benefits, relaxing, de-stressing and overall physical as well as mental well being. A steam room is similar to a sauna with the only thing differing is their water vapor content, that is sauna has a hot but dry environment whereas steam rooms are hot and humid, and have a temperature value that usually hovers around 105oF or 410C. Smaller standalone steam rooms for personalized use that can accommodate usually a person or two,can be in residential buildings, hotels and resorts among others.
  • Periodical visits to steam rooms relieves tension and stress by soothing the nerve endings and relaxing the muscles
  • The heat in the steam rooms opens the pores in the skin and dilates the blood vessels, increasing blood supply to the skin and make it glow
  • A great amount of toxins are flushed out of the body through sweat generated as a response to increased temperature
  • Sitting in a steam room can be an excellent way of post-workout relaxation