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Glass Mosaic Tile Contractor

Swimming Pool Glass Tiles are a common sight in parlors, leisure hotspots, vacation resorts or spas, where they are seen as a novelty aesthetic addition, and rightfully so, as they take the appeal of the pool to an altogether different level. Their endless colors and shades reflect light hitting their surface creates a vistas of color and creates vivid mosaic images that are way more appealing than the conventional blue tile versions. Moreover, Swimming Pool Glass Tiles can be arranged in a number of uniform or abrupt patterns to create unique effects, making them truly spectacular from a design standpoint.
  • Glass is highly resistant to corrosive effects of a variety of chemicals and other similar damage
  • Compared to plaster or other such finishes, they last for considerably longer periods of time
  • Glass tiles are capable of retaining their appearance and surface charecteristics almost indefinitely
  • Since they are non porous, instances of cracking due to water percolation in material crevices are nil