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Waterfall Fountains are a highly sought after d├ęcor addition, that are an excellent choice for living as well as office spaces, not to mention open public areas such as parks,,open seating areas and gardens, where they are a major attraction. Moreover, waterfall fountains if installed indoors or in office environs serve as an excellent source of white noise by negating the disturbing ones originating from other sources and help in increasing the focus. As an added bonus, they also help in cleaning the quality of the indoor air by attracting the dust particles to the negative ions they generate and humidify the surroundings.
  • Come in a wide array of designs, suited for different places or venues
  • They act as an excellent natural humidifier and also condition the plants in vicinity
  • Indoor water fountains create negative ions, that attracts dust and pollutants, cleaning the environs
  • They instantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of the interior space as well as open surroundings